Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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There is a wonderful quote in Writer’s Digest, (October 2012) by author Patricia Cornwell. It is in response to a question about rejections and what advice she gives writers. Here’s the quote:

“Quitting can’t be an option. You don’t become a writer—you are one. And if you really are a writer, it’s like telling a songbird to shut up—you can’t.”

I agree, yet, in chat time with some of my writer pals, I have bemoaned the trials and tribulations of writing and publishing, marketing and promoting. Crafting, revising, and polishing a story can be frustrating and grueling. However, despite this, I can’t imagine not spending as much of my time as possible engaged in this struggle. In fact, when I am put into a situation that doesn’t allow as much writing time as I’d like, I become
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edgy and discontent. I crave the struggle even though I may still fantasize about throwing a manuscript out an open window (complete with laptop). Quitting is not an option. Like the songbird mentioned by Ms. Cornwell, I can’t shut up (ask anyone who knows me).

Do you consider yourself this kind of writer—the songbird that can’t be quieted? Have circumstances ever road-blocked your writing? If so, how did this affect you? 

A happy Spring to all!