Thursday, August 27, 2009

Two Months and Counting

Do you hear the clock ticking? I do. It’s two months as of today before Buck Fever will be released. Excuse me for a moment while I clap madly while tossing back a handful of aspirins. For me, prepping for my novel to bust out into the world brings on giddy excitement and a sort of chilled stomach sink coupled with nail-nibbling anxiety. I hear this is standard operating procedure. Oh, joy. Anyway, despite all this, I’m making this blog entry about shameless self-promotion because Megan Rebekah, a wonderful former teacher and writer sent me a lovely review to post.

Let me rewind for a moment and explain that I gave away some advanced reader copies of Buck Fever about a month ago and Megan scored a copy. I would also like to share that Megan admitted to me that she wondered, upon seeing the book, if she would like the story. I have heard this a couple times before, recently. People not necessarily interested in reading about hunting and unaware that Buck Fever is about more than guns and deer, glimpse the cover and think Uh-oh, will I like this? These readers have been nice enough to let me know that they’ve been pleasantly surprised. Fabulous. Anyway, enough blah-blah from me. Here is Megan’s review:

"Buck Fever does an amazing job of portraying the emotional struggle that children face when trying to please their parents while establishing their own unique identities. The main character, Joey, made me cry with his raw, open feelings and desire to be a good son that would make his father proud. Joey’s not perfect, and he knows it, but he tries to do right by everyone – his parents, his older sister, his friends, his coach, even the next-door neighbor.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a character that tugs at your heart strings and gets under your skin, or someone captivated by the viewpoint of a young hunter who yearns to bond with his father, but is emotionally paralyzed by Buck Fever."

No spoilers, either! You didn’t really think I’d keep this to myself, did you?

You can visit Megan Rebekah at and I did and her young adult novel in progress sounds amazing. And boy, does she have an adorable doggie!

Thanks, Megan!!!


  1. Two months to go! How exciting! You've got to get a little countdown button on the blog to show off the dwindling days until release...

  2. Thanks again, Megan! That's a great idea. Although, I'm not totally sure that I want to SEE those days ticking past. *smiles sheepishly*