Monday, September 28, 2009

With only a month to go until Buck Fever is released, I am beyond excited to be posting the book trailer for this novel today.

A HUGE thank you to Madison at M2 Productions for putting this together for me. She is amazing! And wonderful to work with.

Hope you all like the Buck Fever preview! I'd love to hear what you think.


  1. Great trailer - and having been lucky enough to have read this book, I'd say it's a pretty fair and good depiction of what happens in the book.

    It must be sooo exciting for you to be so close to your release date! A long wait, but it's almost over :)

  2. I love this trailer, it's very evocative. I do need to tell you that the shift from buck to bull (elk in the last image) tripped me up. I'm sort of a weird case, though.

  3. Thanks for taking a peek and letting me know what you think! Tess, I'm so glad that you think it's a fair depiction of the novel. It's hard to cover all aspects of the story in a one minute trailer! : )
    Blythe, I wouldn't say your a weird case. I'd say you have a great eye. That shot stayed in to cover another element in the story, which I didn't want to lose (if that makes any sense).
    Thanks, again!