Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Book Vote, Anyone?

It’s election day. Why not have a book vote? This is an activity that would work with a classroom of kids, with a book group, with a bunch of friends, or any group, really. The more the merrier. On a recent girls-night-out, for example, my pals and I launched into a spontaneous book vote at our dinner table. Each of us took a few minutes to talk about a favorite book until we decided on two novels that we were all intrigued by. Even our waiter was itching to get involved. In a few weeks, after we read the nominees, we will get together again, talk about the books and vote for a favorite. In my opinion, this is a playful diversion from the negativity of some of the real campaigns going on. Have I mentioned that I live in N.J.?

So, how, exactly, does a book vote go down? Okay, let me be more specific than the girls-night-out scenario. To begin, at least two participants should nominate a favorite book. Then, each person can give talks on why his or her book is wonderful. The person could also read a favorite passage aloud. In other words, campaign for the book. If a book vote is being held in a classroom or library, the campaigners might even make posters advertising the best qualities of the nominated books. Part of the fun really is in convincing others to read the books.

When the time comes to vote, participants can hold a secret ballot by writing the names of the books voted for on pieces of paper and then depositing them in a box (or whatever works), one vote per person, of course. Or, each person can place a check beside the book of his or her choice on a list of nominated titles.

By the end, participants have a little more information about books, people are inspired to read, and all involved might feel like voting can be fun. So why not have a book vote?

Happy Election Day!

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