Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Go Team!

I’ve been thinking a lot about teamwork, especially the camaraderie in the world of writing and publishing. Maybe because a part of my heart is breaking for a talented writer friend who is having a tough time, as another part of me rejoices for a different writer pal who, after a rough go of it, is spinning with exciting publishing news. Where would we be if we couldn’t share our lows and our highs with each other?

I’ve also been feeling the love of teamwork in regard to promotion, which is not my favorite word. When my novels came out, promoting could be lonely and painful. However, I was lucky enough to be adopted into a fabulous group of authors that work together to promote. The KidLit Authors Club (http://kidlitauthorsclub.com/HomePage.html) was started by authors who realized that promoting solo can be miserable, but promoting as a group can be a blast.

A couple weeks ago, for example, I attended an all-day book festival. Had I been alone with my books, I would have felt awkward and uncomfortable. Think stray dog in need of a home. Sitting at tables with other authors, though, chatting and laughing and sharing books (our own and each others) with people made the day fun. I think we actually attracted readers to our tables because we were enjoying ourselves so much. Teamwork and camaraderie in action.

If you’re a blogger, or a fan of Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, or other similar sites, you know all about the rewards of connecting with others. Going through trials and triumphs with kindred spirits—people who understand the good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly of life—makes such a difference.

How has teamwork and camaraderie made a difference in your life? I’m guessing it has.

Footnote: Speaking of teamwork, I am now overseeing the Twitter account for the KidLit Authors Club. If you follow us ( @kidlitauthors ), I promise to follow you back! : )


  1. I have a best friend who I've known since I was in middle school and he in high school; he is also a writer and as adults he has continuously helped me out in regards to my writing by giving me tips from roads he's already traveled. It's so comforting to not only have someone in your corner who believes in you but who also "knows the ropes" well enough to know what would best benefit me. :)

  2. I forgot to also mention that he and I are part of a writers group and that, too, is a wonderful thing. We've made great friends who share our passion, and I myself have become much more comfortable reading out loud in public through being with these friends.

  3. I've met numerous people in person and online who have given me endless support during my publishing journey. When I talk to my non-writer friends, they sort of get things if I give a lot of explanation, but my writer friends know exactly what I'm going through.

  4. I love that I found kitty/writerly people like myself while blogging! The community is such a comfort and it feels real even if it's online!

    Take care

  5. Oh, Sabrina, how wonderful to have such a great friend who shares your love of writing. And to both be a part of a fabulous group of writers is even better. Lucky you!

    I totally get this, Medeia. People who share a passion and are on the same ride understand the highs and lows best of all.

    It does seem real even when online, doesn't it, Old Kitty? Definitely one of the many benefits of blogging. : )

  6. I think you hit the nail on the head, there's a very group-oriented effort that goes into writing in everything from editing to critiques to publishing. I suppose the key is finding the right group of people:)

  7. Promotion can be an ugly word, but when you find people who are truly happy to help you, it makes it so much more enjoyable. I'm glad you did!

  8. The writerly community is SO supportive--I love it. I get encouraged all the time. I'm always glad to help promote my friends, too. :)

  9. YES! I never expected it, but I've made some of the best and most supportive friends of my life. Especially my wonderful critique partners Leslie and Julie. :D

  10. I love the writing comunity. They are more supportive than I'd ever imagined.

    Now a follower of @kidlitauthors

  11. The cameraderie of the writing blogosphere has been unexpectedly generous and amazing. :)

  12. This sounds awesome, Cynthia. The promotional aspect is a lot less daunting if you have a bunch of people to help get your name out there. G

  13. This sounds like an awesome idea, Cynthia. I used to be a drug rep. Doing hospital displays were the worst because you sat there and the physicians avoided you like you were contagious. The only people who visited me were the psych patients who managed to slip out of their areas, and the odd patient wearing a hospital gown that revealed way too much. :P

    Fortunately this usually doesn't happen at book signings.

  14. I have been so inspired by the information other writers are willing to share. There is so much giving in our writing community. It is a group I am proud to be a member of. :)

  15. Wow, that's kind of club you belong to! And the blog-o-sphere has introduced to so many wonderful people, like you!

  16. Oh, yes, promoting together would make ALL the difference. Fun and effective! I'll check out the twitter group right away.

  17. I love the idea of doing a book signing with other people. I can't imagine a more awkward and uncomfortable situation than sitting at a lonely table with no one visiting you. Sounds like a great group.

  18. writing may be a solitary thing, but it doesn't have to be lonely. I've met so many wonderful people since I started blogging and joining writing groups. It certainly keeps me going!


  19. I totally get this. I've promoted an anthology with a group before and it was lots of fun.

  20. I agree, Mark: Finding the right group of people is key.

    Thanks, E.R.! I am definitely lucky. ; )

    So true, Carol. I love promoting and helping out my pals whenever possible.

    Lisa, to have trusted and wonderful critique partners is such a great thing. Priceless.

    And thank YOU for being supportive, Lynda!

    I couldn't have said it better, Lydia.

    Really so true, J.L.

    Stina, that is too, too funny! You've got to get that in a book somehow.

    There really is so much giving in the writing community. I just love it. Thanks, Maeve.

    Aww, Bish, thank you!

    Thanks, Marcia.

    It really is a great group, M.G. Wonderful people.

    You're right, Nutschell: writing does not have to be completely solitary or lonely.

    Teamwork really does make a difference. Thanks, Carol.

  21. I think the camaraderie is one of the very best things about the writing community. Book signings with a bunch of friends sounds SO much better than hanging out by yourself, feeling awkward!

  22. I do love the writing community and I love seeing everyone promoting each others work - its charming!

  23. I agree, Peggy--the camaraderie really is one of the best things about the writing community. And book events with friends are great.

    You're so right, Michelle. It so heart-warming to see others promote and encourage the hard work of others.

  24. I agree . . . doing things as a group is always more fun. What a great idea!

  25. I love working with other writers and doing what I can to help. But I have recognized that I have a very hard time asking others for help--I feel guilt-ridden, like I'm asking too much or maybe I shouldn't put pressure on others because I know how hard writers work and how precious time is.

    I do this in my personal life too, and a friend gave me some insight on it. She told me when I don't ask or accept help, I deny someone else the feeling you get when you help someone in need. Man, that really got to me, because I love the feeling I get from helping.

    It's still hard to ask for help, but I'm trying to get better about it. I know especially after I have a book to sell, I'm really going to need help...others just have so much more expertise than I do. We can't do everything alone. :)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  26. Absolutely! Blogging has made a huge difference in my writing - I'm so thankful for this community!

  27. So true, Janet!

    I understand exactly what you mean, Angela. And you're friend is wise. People really do want to help, but asking for it can be awkward and tough. We can't do everything alone. So, it's nice to know we're part of such a giving community.

    Ah, blogging is a great example of community, Susan. And like you, I am most thankful for it.