Wednesday, May 20, 2009

DOG GONE Give Away

It’s hard for me to believe that DOG GONE made its debut a year ago. Wow, does this ever highlight how fast a year can fly by. DOG is a story that is particularly special to me because it is based on a stray pooch that my family adopted when I was about fifteen years old. Dillan. A wonderful, sweetheart of a pup. Adorable, really. A good dog with an amazing grin and a tail that swung in wide circles when he was especially happy. Unfortunately though, for us as well as the neighborhood sheep population, this pooch had a few nasty habits. Yup, adorable Dillan could be a very bad doggie.

We probably should have been suspicious when the eyes of neighborhood dogs started appearing at the double glass doors at the back of our house, which always caused Dill to hop in crazy, excited circles. “Oh, how cute,” we’d say. “Sparky, Shadow, Rupert, and Bandit are here to get Dill. To play.” Play? Err, no. Mister so-called good dog went on to terrorize the farming community with his furry pals. Loving pets turned thugs.

Years later, the antics of that dog sparked DOG GONE. And now, as I mentioned, DOG GONE is available in paperback. To celebrate this, I am giving away three copies of the soft cover version. Fun, right? I think so. I love giving away books. Would you like one? If so, send me an email via the contact information at On Friday I will put the names into a dog bowl and pick three at random.

Good luck!

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