Tuesday, December 29, 2009


A new year is fast approaching. I keep hearing people whisper about resolutions. I like resolutions, but putting them off until a new year has never worked for me. There is too much pressure or something like it. And I’m impatient. If I know I need to make a change or adjustment in my life, I’m anxious to make it. Get it over with. Why wait? I do this in my writing, as well. If I am working on a first draft, for example, and pick up on something that isn’t working, I tackle the problem right away, before I continue on with the draft.

So, the minute our holiday guests left this morning, I resolved to stop inhaling sugar like a vacuum cleaner gone amuck. The minute the suitcases rolled out the door, I began the struggle back to my pre-holiday discipline. Goodbye pies. Adios cookies. See you later, sneaky little candies acting so tiny and innocent. Why wait?

This doesn’t mean that I don’t harbor hopes for 2010. Hopes are different than resolutions. I might make an in the moment resolution to try some new yoga move, for example, but I hope that some time during 2010 I will get to the point where I can execute that move without feeling like my spine is going to come apart. I might make a resolution to devote more time to reading, to reach the bottom of my pile of “waiting to be read” books sooner rather than later, but I hope to find a way to sleep less in 2010 so that I can accomplish this. And, I hope (probably irrationally) to finish my new work in progress by this time next year (never mind that I just started it).

But enough about me. What are your resolutions and hopes for 2010?


  1. I've given up making resolutions, they tend to make me anxious. Another blog friend says she makes affirmations. I think that may be more up my line.

    Have a safe and wonderful New Year!

  2. I like affirmations. A safe and wonderful New Year to you, as well, Bish!