Monday, December 21, 2009


The time has come to wrap presents. Sigh. After years of wrap denial, I’ve finally come to accept myself as who I am—a horrible wrapper. No, I’m not exaggerating. I don’t know what my problem is, but my packages always look like they’ve gone through the laundry (that would be the washer and the dryer) after I’ve taken great care to dress them in bright and shiny holiday paper, ribbon, and bows. Unfortunately, I happen to be stubborn enough to keep trying. Every gift-giving occasion.

My stepdaughter has even given me lessons. The girl was born with a gift. She could wrap a live elephant and not end up with a crinkle or a wrinkle, a tear or an obvious strip of tape anywhere. I truly don’t understand how she accomplishes this. I watch her with my jaw hanging open, amazed at how easy she makes the whole, ghastly procedure seem. And yet, even after her patient lessons and guidance, my boxes still come out looking like they need medical attention. Immediately.

Apparently my love of cutting, pasting and trimming text has zero correlation to cutting, pasting and trimming pretty paper and adornments. So be it. At least I can still bake a mean batch of cookies.


  1. I do okay in the wrapping department. But hubby is kind of like you. However, he takes great delight in wrapping, becoming inventive in his mangling. So I think the trick, no matter what, is to have fun!

  2. You are so right, Bish. Having fun, finding the delight in a task makes all the difference. Tonight, before I sidle up to the wrapping paper and boxes, perhaps I'll put on some great music, chow down on a few Christmas cookies for the sugar rush and get a bit inventive in my mangling, a la your hubby. : )