Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jackalope Fever?

Many wonderful readers of Buck Fever have asked about a sequel to this novel. So, how about Jackalope Fever? In Jackalope Fever, Joey’s father could become obsessed with finding a Jackalope—the mysterious jackrabbit that sports antelope horns or deer antlers. However, as in Buck Fever, Joey would not be too sure about whether he would be able to bring himself to shoot a jackalope. Actually, he would not even be sure that he could find one of these jackrabbit-antelope combos. Nonetheless, in Jackalope Fever, Joey’s dad would call upon Joey to use his special skill in tracking animals to find and hunt down a jackalope. Well, this certainly is a difficult situation, right? As in Buck Fever, Joey would know how to track and gain the trust of animals, but he'd have to wonder if his special skill would apply to the jackalope. In fact, Joey would have to question whether a jackalope is even an animal. Of course, more trouble in Joey’s family would have to escalate, as in Buck Fever, and Joey and his older sister, Philly, would once again find themselves in the middle of tensions difficult to fully understand. Joey would, again, try to keep the peace by making his dad proud. Joey would attempt to conquer his jackalope fever, which would lead to unanticipated consequences. Maybe a nasty jackalope bite? I hear they can be bad.

Okay. For those of you who think that I’ve totally lost my mind—your right. But Happy April Fools Day anyway. To be clear, there is no Jackalope Fever in my future. Not in the immediate future anyway. *wink*

And now, because you so patiently put up with me behaving like a five-year-old (no offense to any five-year-olds intended), here are a couple April Fools Day pranks for you to enjoy or use at your discretion. You are in no way allowed to blame me for these, by the way. If you do, I’ll send a jackalope after you.

Prank number one: Replace a pen or pens with pens that have the caps super-glued onto them. Or, paint the tips of pens or pencils with clear nail polish. You’ve probably figured out that when someone tries to write with one of these fools day pens or pencils, they’ll get nothing but frustration. P.S. The nail polish can be removed by dipping the tips in polish remover.

Prank number two: Leave a note on someone’s desk that Mr. Lyon or Mr. Behr called. He needs to be called back as soon as possible. Make sure to include the phone number, which should be the telephone number of a zoo. Imagine the knee-slapping fun as your victim calls the zoo and asks for Mr. Lyon.

Okay, now I’m going to grow up and get back to serious stuff.

Happy April Fools Day!


  1. Oh, I like the zoo one. I might pull that on my teenager after school. I'm giggling just thinking about it :D :D

  2. Funny Cynthia! You had me going there for a little bit!

  3. Fun post! I'd forgotten all about it and wondered where the heck this jackelope thing was going. Good one.

  4. I kind of like the zoo prank, too, Tess. It makes me snicker to think about someone calling a zoo and asking for Mr. Lyon.

    I'm glad you guys were at least a little fooled today. Yeah, jackalopes... maybe not. ; )