Monday, March 29, 2010

Questions Without Right Answers

Some questions don’t have obvious or single answers. You know the type. Questions that make you squirm because each answer has ramifications. Thinking is required. The answers are anything but easy. For writers, answering these kinds of questions can be good practice for the wrestling match that is plotting because when charting the course of a story, every answer to a question affects the direction of the tale, like it or not.

Below are a couple mind-numbing questions that you might enjoy. Call them story-starters, call them fuel for interesting conversation, call them exercises, or call them annoying. Your choice. Nonetheless, here they are:

If you were going to be dropped onto a remote and deserted island this very moment (yes, even if you are in your pajamas, have not had your coffee, or the timing is inconvenient) and you are only allowed to take one item with you other than what you are wearing, what would you take? Oh, by the way, you’ll be there for a month. To be clear: ONE item. So, for example, if you decide you can't live without a toothbrush, forget about the toothpaste. Sorry.

Next, if you could have three people join you on this island, who would you choose to join you? To make this more interesting, let’s say these people can be either alive or dead.

Remember: deserted island, at least four weeks, one carry along item.

Finally, would you rather share this island with a hungry tiger and her cubs, an infestation of poisonous snakes (keep in mind that these buggers hide and slither), or a pack of four, also hungry, hyenas?

There you go. Interesting or no? If yes, perhaps I’ll throw you more questions in another post. And, if anyone out there comes up with a great story based on these questions, I’d love to read it!



  1. Oh my...I'll have to think about these....

  2. Yeah, maybe not such a great post for a Monday, huh? : )

  3. 1. either sunscreen or diet coke ... or maybe a good book. geeze, that's hard.

    I'll say a book (one that is worth rereading like my favorite Lizzy Bright)

    2. people: easy, peasy: my hubby, my mom (she'll talk your ear'll never be bored) and throw in Gary Schmidt for good measure. I can ask him all about he book as I'm reading it :)

    3. where did this question come from? no good solution here .. but I'll say the tiger and cubs. Maybe I can scratch her ears and make her a friend.

    happy monday :D

  4. Great answers, Tess! I agree with you about bringing a good book and Lizzie Bright is a great choice. Thanks for playing! : )