Monday, March 15, 2010

Split Apart

Are you divided? Am I? Are the characters we read about and write about split apart? Or do we feel this way because it's a Monday morning after the clocks have been rolled back an hour? Hmmm.

I ask because I came upon some theories about how individuals might be split. The information is kind of interesting and kind of entertaining. Probably not real scientific, but hey, let’s not get greedy. It’s Monday.

The Right and Left Split

Did you know that the left hemisphere of your brain, the analytic and logical side (the smaller part of mine, I’ll admit) controls the right side of your body? Which means, of course, that the right hemisphere of your brain, the spatial, irrational, and artistic side is in charge of the left side of your body. Yet, a significant number of artists have been or are left-handed. Kind of interesting considering that, on average, only one in ten people in the population are south paws (left-handed).

The Top and Bottom Split

According to some theories, if your upper body is larger or more developed, you are likely to be more social, ambitious, assertive, and outgoing. On the other hand, if your lower half is larger or more developed, you are said to have a strong and emotional foundation. You are supposed to be introspective, stable, grounded, and private.

I’ll just add that thinking about this made me consider going to the gym. Enough said.

The Front and Back Split

The front of your person is supposed to represent your conscious self. The back is said, then, to represent the unconscious with all of its hidden attitudes and feelings. You know, the stuff such as the anger, the fear, and the anxiety that may not be totally appropriate to vent in public. Well, apparently, according to this theory, these negative emotions love to settle into the muscles and bones of the back. Ever wonder where that backache came from? Perhaps from showing socially appeasing appearances upfront while harboring more snarly emotions in the unconscious. Just sayin’.

There. A few tid-bits to chew on as a new week begins. See what happens when I veer away from reading books for children and young adults? Scary.


  1. I've long known about the right/left side of the brain. But I didn't know about those other two splits. No wonder we're so mixed up! We can't decide what's up or down, front or back, left or right! :O

  2. Isn't that the truth! I'm not sure how tried and true these ideas are, but they are kind of fun to think about. I think so, anyway. : )