Monday, September 20, 2010

Amazing Animals

Most people who know me know that I love animals. My novel Dog Gone involves dogs. This is sort of obvious from the title, right? My second novel, Buck Fever, involves deer. Both novels include people and are really about them, but this is not the point of today’s blog post. Today, I am sharing four video clips about some amazing and hilarious animals. Because, well, why not? Here they are:

Meet Sampson the kissing pony. This guy is amazing and adorable. I love the way Sampson makes people smile and laugh.

Next, meet a dog that dances much better than I do (probably too much information there).

Speaking of dancing, meet Snowball. Can this cockatoo rock or what?

Last but not least, meet a bunch of crazy kitties. Anyone who loves and appreciates kittens and cats knows that they can be wacky. The following video proves how wacky. It also proves that there is a reason why cats need nine lives.

Where would we be without our animal friends?



  1. That was great! Thanks. A great Monday laugh. The cats were hysterical.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed! Kind of a different post this week. : )

  3. ah, the cats! Too funny! Thanks for these links! I had seen that dog around the web, lots of training there! Whew!

  4. What fun, sweet videos. My best friend just went through therapy training with her dog that was rescued from a puppy mill.
    Animals are so loving and can always make you smile!

  5. I know, Terry--I can't even imagine how much training must have gone into training that dancing dog.

    Ahh, Kelly, what a wonderful thing your friend has done! Especially with a dog rescued from a puppy mill. So sweet!