Monday, September 6, 2010

A Week With Critter

It's been a fun-filled and busy week with my new pal, Critter. If you're wondering what a Critter is, check out my last blog post:

And now (insert drum roll, please), here’s a photo recap of my time with Critter:

I took Critter to a yoga class in Oldwick, N.J. Because, frankly, he seemed a bit stiff. Yes, he's made of foam and cardboard, but never mind that. Nonetheless, here is Critter on my yoga mat just before a downward dog. Or something:

Critter also joined me at my favorite Barnes and Noble bookstore in Bridgewater, N.J. We shopped for books, of course:

And Critter kept me company while I worked on my latest novel in the B&N café. He didn’t even spill my iced tea (lucky for him).

Of course I showed Critter around my part of New Jersey. I didn't want him to think that N.J is only about the exits on the Turnpike and some reality show about the N.J. shore.

Below is a picture of Critter with an assortment of tomatoes, corn, and cucumbers at a local farm stand.

I considered taking Critter to one of the beautiful N.J. beaches, too, but Critter seemed a bit nervous about the aggressive seagulls (they are rather infamous). Plus, the rip tides from Hurricane Earl (who didn’t really visit, but stirred up the ocean anyway) were intimidating. Also, I worried what sunscreen might do to Critter’s beautiful art work self. Instead, we went for ice cream and a ride on the back of hubby’s Harley Davidson motorcycle. Crazy Critter.

The next stop for Critter is the fabulous state of Texas, where the motto is friendship.

Lucky, lucky Critter.


  1. LOL! I love the yoga mat. Maybe we need to make up a new pose called the downward Critter. :0)

    Awesome pictures. I can tell that Critter had a fabulous time! Thanks for being such an awesome Critter host.


  2. Glad someone's looking out for critter's physique! LOL

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  3. Ha! Love the pics! I love that he did yoga!!
    Critter is definitely making the rounds around the U.S.! (Good idea to keep Critter away from the sea gulls...and Snooki! ;)

  4. Christy, the downward Critter could be a new craze! I love it! And thank you for including me in Critter's agenda. I had a great time with him. : )

    Well, Angela, I'd like to say that Critter is more flexi-bendi after our yoga class, but I'm not so sure. At least I tried. LOL!

    Ha, Kelly! I'm glad you mentioned Snooki. Imagine a Critter and Snooki meet and greet. That could be . . . scary.

    Thanks for the great comments, everyone!

  5. What a variety of things Critter has done and places he has gone!

  6. How'd Critter like the yoga? Any good at downward dog? Awesome pictures!

  7. Yes, it's true, Bish. I wish I could travel as much as Critter! : )

    Thanks, Samantha! Critter didn't really comment on the yoga experience, but I do think Christy had a great idea when she suggested in the comment above that there should be a new pose: the downward Critter. Hmmm.

  8. Hilarious!!! Critter is wonderful! I hope he had a wonderful time at Yoga class he he he he! This such a great post. I laughed good and hard at this one. Hugs to you beautiful!

  9. Critter is wonderful, isn't he? I'm so glad he gave you a good laugh--we all need that from time to time! : ) Thanks for stopping by and being your ever wonderful self, V!

  10. Thank you!!! I bet some of the pictures look a bit familiar, no? : ) And thanks for commenting!!!

  11. too funny Critter was a bit stiff and needed to go to yoga!
    Just ordered my copy of DOG GONE at Chapters today! Should be here next week!

  12. Aren't you a sweetheart! THANK YOU!! You'll have to let me know how you like "The Dog" as I fondly refer to that novel. ; )

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