Monday, October 11, 2010

A wonderful opportunity came my way this summer. I was invited to join the KidLit Authors Club. What is the KidLit Authors Club? A group of children’s book authors from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. These fabulous authors have published picture books, middle grade novels, and young adult books. Here are the profiles of everyone in the club:

What does this group do? Ah, this is the fun part. Kidlit Authors Club members participate in book signings, appear on panels, present writing workshops, visit schools, and more. Amazing, right? I am thrilled to be included as a member of this fantastic crew. This week, as a matter of fact, I am presenting with other authors from KidLit Authors Club for the first time. Two other members and I will be at the East Brunswick, N.J., Barnes and Noble tomorrow evening. Thursday evening, some of us will be at the Clifton, N.J., Barnes and Noble. Fun!

Promoting great books with great people? What could be better? To learn more about the Kidlit Authors Club, check us out on Twitter ( ) and on Facebook (

Happiness is sharing the wonderful world of children’s books with great people!


  1. I have heard of this group! But now I'm off to check out the sites you've linked. Have fun at your events!! That sounds so wonderful. I'm really wishing I lived closer to attend. Do you guys ever cruise through tiny northern Ontario towns?

  2. How cool is this?!? It is way funner (I imagine) to attend those types of events as a group. Have a great time this week!

  3. Oh how exciting for you! YEA! Have fun.

  4. Thanks, Terry! Hey, maybe I'll suggest that some of the KidLit crew road trip to northern Ontario! Why not? : )

    I agree, Tess! Promoting as a group definitely appeals to me. Thanks--I hope we do have a great time!

    Thanks, Bish!!!

  5. This is exciting NEWS indeed! YIPPPPPPPPY!!!! How fantastic. You must had a wonderful time together with these fabulous people. Thanks for sharing this. Okay now I have to run over to the face book and read it there too. he he he he he!
    Hugs to you beautiful,

  6. Aww, thanks V! We DID have a wonderful time this past week! It was great to meet some of the other authors face to face. And we met fantastic teachers, too. You know how great that is. Thanks for stopping by! : )