Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Dog Days of Summer

Are you a dog lover? Okay, I know some people are “cat people” and some are “dog people.” And, of course, there are “horse people.” And I once met a self-proclaimed “llama person,” but I digress. Here’s my point: No matter what kind of animal person or even non-committed animal person you may be, it seems to me that it’s hard not to appreciate the traits of most pooches. The devotion, the unconditional love, the soulful eyes and overall cute factor, just to name a few attributes. And yes, I’ll admit that I am biased. As I’ve mentioned before, I am a huge fan of animals and consider myself primarily a “cat, horse, dog person.” Anyway, if you love dogs, check out this lovely article in Publisher’s Weekly:

I hope you enjoy the article, the summer, and some wonderful reading time!


  1. Hello, I'm out blog surfing and came across yours. I think we have the same agent (Chudney). Nice to virtually meet you :D

    oh, and I am a puppy loving fool.

  2. I am such a big dog lover! I just adopted a new one on Sunday and have fallen in love already!

  3. Hurray for the love of dogs and pups! And Megan, the dachsund in your photo is sooooo cute!!!