Friday, June 5, 2009


Folks on my fave message board hit on a topic that seems blog-worthy to me: Where to find the time to devote to all the assorted online and real life elements of being a writer. There is, of course, the ever so important writing itself. And the reading that is the backbone of the writing. But let’s not forget the school visits and presentations, the answering of emails, the Facebooking, blogging, and tweeting. The responding to message boards and list servs. All fun and rewarding in many ways, but yes, time consuming. I’d love to know where I could pick up an extra day or even a few hours here or there. Anywhere.

So, as I write my presentation and organize my DOG GONE materials for the NJ SCBWI conference, touch base with Twitter, log into Facebook, answer emails, check in with the message boards and list servs, and work on the book trailer for BUCK FEVER, all while fidgeting and twitching with a new story idea that is insisting that it be typed up on the computer, I’m wondering when I’m going to get back to that amazing book that I’ve been reading.

Anyway, if you happen to find a hunk of extra of time lying around, could you send it my way? Unless of course, you could use it.

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  1. It is very hard to juggle it all. Especially with young kids!