Monday, February 1, 2010

Dreamy Plots

I recently read about an author who said that his story arrived in a dream. Wow. Is it me, or is this amazing? This is not the first time that I’ve read or heard of a plot for a novel arriving, in total, via a dream. I suppose about the only thing that would stun me more is if a full-grown plot arrived on a writer’s doorstep, already typed and copyedited.

At this point I’d like to say, for the record, that I enjoy the process of spending months digging for a story, mining for the pieces to put together one at a time until they form a kind of chain that hopefully resembles a plot. Really, I do. Believe it or not, blood, sweat and tears works for me. If I didn’t love a hearty challenge, I wouldn’t write. Still, I can’t help wondering if I’m missing something.

Is there some sort of Santa-esque naughty-nice thing going on where the universe rewards certain writers who have been extra special, extra good? Or, is there something writers should do before sliding between the sheets to coax the Sandman into sprinkling the kind of magical sand that brings on spectacular plots in full? Shoot, I’d give that a go. Even if I didn’t wake up in love with the plot that came to me, it would probably beat the same ‘ol blah-blah-blah dreams every night. Don’t you agree?

Okay, tonight I’m going to leave a pad of paper and pen under my pillow. Or maybe my laptop. Hey, you never know.


  1. My very favorite part of my new WIP came to me in a dream.... but that was the first time it's happened.

    well, not really - I often dream things that seem brilliant at 3am, but show their lameness in the morning light. So, I guess this is the first DECENT idea that has resulted from a dream.

    Still, I'm glad I got in the habit of writing those things down first thing in the morning. It was worth the 276 stupid ideas to get that one perfect one :D

  2. Things have often come to me just as I was waking, usually the first few sentances. And then upon writing them down a kind of flood gate is opened and words come tumbling out. Most of the time (particularly for short stories) I have no idea where the story is going or how it's going to get there - wherever "there" is.

  3. So you've both had similar experiences. I'm envious! I'll wake up with ideas about how to revise a character or tweak some aspect of a novel, but never anything substantial. Any secrets? What am I doing wrong or not doing, I wonder. : )