Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to Make the Most of a Big Snow (or use it as a big excuse)

A few thoughts on how to make the most of a big, fat snowstorm—meaning how to use it to score yourself some free time.

To begin with, always remember that lots of snow gives you a reason to skip errands. Hey, if you can’t get out of the driveway, you can’t get to the store, right? Heh, heh.

After that: Why not put off some of the household cleaning? I mean, what’s the point of breaking out that vacuum and mop if everyone (including the dog) keeps tracking in dirty snow, salt, and that assorted crumbly, non-definable stuff that falls off of boots? Don’t worry: it will all be there days later. Believe me.

Next: Why not use the over-abundance of accumulated flakes as a good reason to skip out on work, appointments, gym visits, and other stuff that gobbles up too much time. And you can do this guilt free, too, since offices and businesses and gyms tend to close if enough of the white stuff falls. Especially if people stop showing up for their appointments and reservations. Hint-hint.

Finally: Why waste time with excessive primping when the snow has been falling all night? Give the blow-dryer a day off, break out those old, comfy jeans (with the holes where?) and/or that shapeless sweater. Snuggle up with those clothes that should never go out in public again, but that still take up a special place in your heart and space at the bottom of some drawer.

Now, what to do with all of this yummy extra time? Ahh, there’s the real fun: I recommend hot chocolate, tea, or coffee (your choice) and a novel—whether writing it or reading it. Mmmmmm. Enjoy!


  1. Even though it has snowed here, it's cold and wet and that's just what what we've been doing, snuggled in, reading.

  2. I've also been enjoying reading your blog, Bish. Stories about life on a Caribbean island has been better than dessert these days! : )