Monday, February 22, 2010

Stranger Than Fiction?

Sometimes life really is stranger than fiction, which makes me wonder if anyone would believe:

That the barista at a Starbucks I visited the other day laughed exactly like Pee-wee Herman. Even now I’m not sure if she was kidding around or if she really does laugh like Pee-wee. Enough said.

That a guy I once worked with really did return to the office after lunch with pigeon poop in his hair--almost every day of the week. Seriously. He kept shampoo in his desk drawer. This, I suppose, shouldn’t be surprising.

That while a friend of mine was waiting for a train, with her (sadly) deceased doggie in a suitcase (she lived in NYC and wanted to bury her beloved pup behind her parent’s house in Connecticut), some guy actually stole the suitcase and ran off. No joke.

That Clyde, a beloved cat in my family when I was growing up, used a toilet instead of a litter box. For the record: No one ever admitted to teaching kitty this trick. And really, how would anyone teach this to a cat? Please don’t email me about this if you actually know the answer.

That a promotion for Viagra was sent from my email account to EVERYONE in my address book. Without my consent, which I really hope is obvious. And, apparently, with my endorsement. Sometimes words are not enough.

I sometimes consider including such bits of real life in my writing. But then I wonder: Would anyone believe? Really?

Happy Monday.


  1. ROFL! I would definitely use them! They are just too good.

  2. I bet that guy never stole anything again in his whole life.

  3. Hmmm... I'd been meaning to ask you about that Viagra email.

  4. Thanks, Bish. Maybe I will use them and see what happens.

    Yeah, I agree Sarah. Can you imagine the guy's face when he opened that suitcase?

    Andrew: What can I say? ; )