Monday, August 9, 2010

Workspace Interviews

Do you enjoy reading about how authors and illustrators work? Where they work? What their workspaces reveal about them? What motivates them? I do. The details about how other people write and create fascinates me. If you’re like me in this way, check out this fabulous blog:

Okay, now for the shameless self-promotion confession: I’m interviewed on this blog this week. So, a huge thank you to Jennifer and her wonderful blog.

If you find yourself with a few spare minutes, why not visit Jennifer’s blog and read some of the interviews. It’s really interesting how different people work and court creativity.


  1. heading over now! THanks for posting this.

  2. You are most welcome! Thanks for heading over to the blog! : )

  3. Self promotion is not shameful he he he he he!! YOU GO GIRL! If you don't promote yourself who will??? I always love to see how others work. I get inspired and encouraged. I looked at you neat desk and It inspired me to do a little makeover myself he he he he! Sadly this won't happen for a while since I am packing to relocate. I'll be able to put things to rights when I settle in. Hugs to you my beautiful friend.

  4. Oh, relocating can be a HUGE job! Good luck with that! And I'll let you in on a little secret: Quite a bit of office cleaning and organizing took place before the photos. Maybe that's cheating, but . . . ; )